Finance Committee

Individual Parish Finance Chairs:

St. Francis of Assisi : Andrew Burt

St Annes: Vernon McQuillian

St Martins: Phil Pitts

As outlined below, pre-authorized giving is now possible. You can follow up on this by calling  the Parish office 902-566-3876 and speak to Laurie or email

St. Francis of Assisi Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Program
Questions and Answers
Q1.  What is pre authorized debit (PAD)?
A1.  Pre-authorized debit program allows people to support their parish through an autmatic withdrawal from their bank account.
Q2.  Can I determine the frequency of the withdrawal?
A2.  Yes, the Parish provides you with the opportunity to choose weekly, bi-weekly (every second week) or monthly withdrawals.
Q3.  Can I determine the day the withdrawal will begin?
A3.  Yes, you can set the start date of your first withdrawal.  Subsequent withdrawals will occur based upon the frequency you selected.
Q4.  Can I change/cancel the amount of withdrawal at any time?
A4.  Yes, to change or cancel your PAD at anytime simply contact the Parish.
Q5.  What about Special Offerings?
A4.  For Special Offerings, please continue to use your collection envelopes.
Q6.  Whom do I contact for more information?
A6.   For more information please contact Don Gorveatt by telephone at 566-3735 or by email at

Thank you for your support!
Property and Finance Committee

St. Francis of Assisi Committees and Organizations

Parish Pastoral Council, Good Shepherd Pastoral Unit

Chair: Brendan Kelly

Vice Chair: Bruce Lyng

Secretary: Susan Belliveau

The parish pastoral Council is a consultative and guiding body within a parish that enables lay men and women to work closely with their pastor in carrying out the mission of Christ in the Church. Its purpose is to discern, plan , coordinate and guide the pastoral mission of the parish. This Council carefully considers the needs of the people and invites the gifts and talents needed to respond to those needs for the growth and development of the parish community.

+ Finance Committee assists the pastor in the administration of parish goods and properties. The committee reviews the financial situation of the parish and projected extraordinary expenses. It has care for the temporal affairs of the parish such as bookkeeping, repairs, maintenance, construction, fundraising, employee salaries...

+ Liturgical Committee studies and reflects on liturgical themes, plans the environment for the rituals of life and liturgy that are appropriate to each season, as well as invites the participation of men, women and children into the various ministries that are a part of what happens when people assemble to celebrate the mystery of Jesus in their lives.

+ Catechetical Committee is committed to education and formation so that the Christian faith may be known, loved, and celebrated by parish families through knowledge, prayer and service. It supports parents, as the primary educators of their children in the ways of faith, through the coordination of grade level classes from Gr. 1-9 as well as providing sacramental preparation sessions, faith rituals, and children’s Liturgy of the Word.

+ Pastoral Care Committee is mandated to provide a caring presence to the sick, elderly, home-bound, hospitalized and bereaved members of our Parish. This ministry keeps alive the connection between persons needing care and our parish faith community. Grief sessions are usually offered annually.

+ Social Action Committee is committed to put into action the Gospel mandate "Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me "by involving parishioners in projects that reach out and minister to the less fortunate in our community and beyond. 

+ Ecumenical Covenant Committee is committed to Christian Unity gatherings within the Cornwall area. We have entered into a Covenant relationship with Cornwall United and the local Presbyterian Church in areas of worship, education communication,, justice and service. 

+ Environment Committee studies Church teachings and other resources that enable us as a parish to deepen our respect and care for the environment following the Spirit of St. Francis, patron saint of ecology. This ministry is rooted in the belief that God our Creator is present in all of creation and we in turn are called to be good stewards of this gift. We carry out environmental initiatives on our Church property, and into the community.

Adult Faith Formation

+ Faith Sharing invites men and women to gather in groups to share faith around the Scriptures usually during Advent and/or Lent.( call Fr. Martin for more information )

+ RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) Team offers to journey with adults who may be inquiring into or exploring the possibility of becoming members of the Catholic faith community.

+ Baptismal Preparation offers parents preparation around the meaning of Baptism in their lives and an understanding of the Baptismal liturgy.

Parish Organizations include:

+ Catholic Women’s League + Knights of Columbus + Secular Franciscans + St . Vincent De Paul

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