Children’s Liturgy  Schedule  2016-17

PROGRAM: Stories of Gods Love

Ages 3-5 

Unit 1 - God Gave Us The World

Sept 25  Welcome and Family BBq at 12:00pm ( St. Francis only)

October 02nd         Chapter 1 God Created the World

SPECIAL Oct 09th        Chapter 23Thanksgiving Day

Oct 16th        Chapter 2            We Care for Creation

Oct 23rd        Chapter 3God’s Promise to Noah

SPECIAL Oct 30 th        Chapter 22All Saints Day

Nov 06 th        Chapter 4 We Share God’s Love

Unit 2 - God Knows and Loves Us

Nov 13 th        Chapter 5Jesus Welcomes the Children

Nov 20th        Chapter 6We are Children of God

SPECIAL Nov 27th        Chapter 24Advent

Dec 04th        Chapter 7 Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Dec 11th        Chapter 8We care for others

SPECIAL Dec 18thChapter 26The Holy family

C H R I S T M A S    B R E A K

SPECIAL Jan 08thChapter 25Christmas

UNIT 3 - Jesus is God’s Own Son

Jan   08thChapter 9Jesus lived in a Family

Jan   15thChapter 10My Family is a Sign God’s Love

Jan   22ndChapter 11Jesus Teaches us to Pray

Jan   29thChapter 12We pray Every Day

Feb   05thChapter 13Jesus Has Many Friends

SPECIAL Feb 12stChapter 27St Valentine’s Day

UNIT 4 - God Gave Us Our Church Family

Feb 26th  Chapter 14We Belong to the Catholic Church

SPECIAL Mar 05thChapter 28Lent

M A R C H    B R E A K

Mar 12th         Chapter 15Jesus Feeds Many People

UNIT 5 - We Live as Friends of Jesus

Apr 02nd       Chapter 16We Thank God at Mass

Apr 09th       Chapter 17Zacchaeus Listens to Jesus

SPECIAL Apr 16th       Chapter 29Easter


April 23rd      Chapter 18We Listen to Jesus

May 07th      Chapter 19The Good Neighbor

May 14th      Chapter 20 The Holy Spirit is Our Helper

May 21st      Chapter 21Mary’s Birthday

May 28th      Chapter 30Mary, Our Mother