Karen MacCannell CYM ( Coordinator of Youth Ministry)

Susan Belliveau : Assistant Coordinator of Youth Ministry



Good Shepherd Pastoral Unit Youth Group.

The meaning and understanding of what “ youth group ” is, has taken on new understanding!

The Youth Group model now aspires to achieve a more comprehensive vision of what Youth Ministry is. That is to say, focusing on activities/events which support the overall spirituality of the youth as a Roman Catholic Youth is what we strive to do. Events and activities, which help the youth understand that it is important to maintain a strong bond to their Roman Catholic faith in order to identify with the denomination they were brought up to know and understand and where they have learned to share their  faith . Events and activities, which help to integrate the youth into the life of the parish much like the model that adult parish life takes is something that is at the forefront of youth ministry in this Parish.

Although we recognize the value in youth group “social gatherings” we have come to the realization that the youth want to be active in their parish life much like the adult members and like the adult members, do not need special recognition for what they take part in. They do not want to be singled out.

Over the past four years the youth ministry team in this Pastoral Unit have been working hard with all the youth of the parish from levels 1- 12 ( Children's / junior / senior Youth Ministry ) to change the mindset of old and help them to recognize that they are automatically a member of the youth group in this Pastoral Unit the moment that they join the catechetical family.

The older young adult youth in levels 12 and onward have been invited to participate on several occasions for many individual events. Some have come some have not. Such is youth ministry- we understand and help them to understand that even though they do not come for one particular event they are welcome to come for anything that we may be offering that interests them. We have several older youth who are, presently, actively involved in parish ministry as Lectors , Catechists and facilitators at functions and Retreats.

Presently we have 14 " core " youth members serving the younger youth as Junior Youth Ministers in this Pastoral Unit.
Over the last three years they have assisted in facilitating many projects in this Pastoral Unit such as;

Upper Room Ministry Events
Church Service Projects
Community Service Projects
Retreats ( Levels 2 , 6 ,7 ,8 , 9 ).
Catholic Youth ALPHA -
Confirmation Preparation and 
Facilitation of Celebration for the Sacrament
Dynamic Catholic / Decision Point.
Catechetical Preparation
CWL Dinners
Knigths of Columbus functions
Beautification of the Church Projects
Children’s Choir
Journey to Bethlehem
Share Lent Para- Liturgies
Think fast
Net Retreats                                                                                                                        
CBC Compass Presentations in aid of Community Groups
Pantry Preparations ( Caring Cupboard )
Many Community projects ( Jack Frost , Scream Park etc... )
Altar servers
Extra Cleaning and Shoveling snow 
Catechetical set up .
Outside activities for their own formation include: 
Steubenville Atlantic
Spiritual Retreats 

Members of the Good shepherd Pastoral Unit Youth Ministry include:

Karen MacCannell - Pastoral Associate / Canadian Certified Youth Minister 
 - Coordinator of Youth Ministry CYM 
Susan Belliveau - Commissioned Youth Minister / Current Volunteer Pastoral Associate 

Present "Core "Junior Youth Ministers include:

Madeleine MacCannell
Josh Pederson
Cassidy MacDonald
Catherine MacCannell
Lacey Rogers- catechetics and functions
Caitlyn Bustard- catechetics
Natalie MacWilliams- catechetics
Sarah MacWilliams- catechetics
Carmelita Roberts- Lector
Dara McInnis- Catechitics
Sophie Hughes- Catechetics
Katie Yeo- Catechetics
William MacCannell- Assistant at Functions
Hannah Quilty- Catechetics

Members of the youth group include : 

1 ) All catechetical children and youth from Levels 1-9 which number totals : 251

2.) Levels 10-12 totaling 14
  in Youth Ministry in this church. 

Occasional participating members:
Shannon Moore- When available to come and assist.